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The Advantages of UV Protect Umbrella that You Don't Know

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The Advantages of UV Protect Umbrella that You Don't Know

  • April 30,2019.
It’s coming to the season of UV rays, and it’s accompanied by various skin problems, so be sure to understand what UV damage can cause. Today, we will share the harm of UV rays to the skin.
Many people know that ultraviolet light can make skin darken, but they don't know the abnormal reaction of the body when exposed to sunlight, such as peeling, itching, rash and other allergic reactions.
Accurately speaking, the real damage to the skin is the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight we can't live every day.
The following is a detailed discussion of the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

1. Sunburn: Ultraviolet rays not only activate melanocytes, but also cause a large amount of melanin secretion, which also causes pigments to deposit on the surface of the skin, forming sun spots, causing problems such as freckles, chloasma, and skin cancer.

2. Skin damage: When the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light for a long time, the skin will be sunburned, and impurities in the cells cannot be metabolized, often accompanied by skin loss, burning, foaming, and pigmentation.

3. Dry and water-deficient: Ultraviolet rays will make the skin dry and dehydrated, because ultraviolet rays will cause damage to the epidermal cells. In addition, the temperature in the sun is higher, the water evaporation of the skin itself is faster, and the skin is prone to water shortage. dry.
4. Tanning: Melanocytes accelerate the secretion of melanin when they are exposed to ultraviolet light. The role of melanin is to absorb and shield ultraviolet rays. Therefore, tanning is essentially a natural self-protection mechanism of the skin. People who do not pay attention to sun protection will be very difficult to whiten.
Therefore, ultraviolet light is the biggest cause of skin aging, so everyone must go out with a silver gel or black plastic coated umbrella, which can effectively block the direct contact of ultraviolet light to the skin, greatly reducing the damage to the skin, in fact, the umbrella not only It is only for women. For the health of the skin, men also have to wear an umbrella when they go out.
We have now designed a lot of fashionable umbrellas, which are easy to carry and let you show different styles in the hot summer days!

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