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Great Idea of Newbrella

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Great Idea of Newbrella

  • July 12,2019.

The storage of straight umbrella has always been a problem for us, since it easy to slip because the small contact surface between the handle and the desktop.

For solving this problem, five designer came into being a wonderful idea by accident during there party. One of them takes his 4-year-old son to travel frequently, but his son doesn't like to wear a raincoat, and there’s no perfect kids umbrella on the market! So he wanted to make a practical and fun umbrella for his son. This simple idea made these 5 men who were still enthusiastic about design and creativity "lose their sense", and quickly put into their heart on the design which seemed with little commercial value. After several months, they completed the first generation Newbrella. They’ve been so crazy with that, even though the first generation were not satisfied them, thus they carried on designing the second generation, and even gave up their work to start a studio.

The flexibility design of Newbrella handle increases the contact area with the desktop, it can be safely hung on any flat object without easy sliding; on a sunny day trip, you can twist Newbrella handle into a ring and buckle on your backpack, don’t worry it will not easily fall off even if you jump around. 

I am thinking to have this item produce in our factory-Quanzhou Chengxin, it maybe can come true one day.

Quanzhou Chengxin Umbrella Co., Ltd. is located in D-5,Bangde Industrial Zone, Yongchun, Quanzhou, Fujian. Covering an area of 15000 square meters, our company is still extending. We have five production lines. Three lines for Nylon umbrella production,one is producing POE/EVA umbrellas and the other is for raincoats,including nylon,polyester,ponge...

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