• Best Gift Umbrella--Bottle Wine Umbrella
    • October 18,2019.

    The wine bottle umbrella is a concept gift bottle umbrella, which looks like an umbrella with a lovely and beautiful wine bottle. That is not just a beautiful bottle, pulling out the upper end of the ...

    • October 9,2019.

    Welcome to the Canton Fair Company:Quanzhou Chengxin Umbrella Co.,Ltd. We are also going to the Canton Fair from Oct.23th to 27th,2019. Booth number:14.4 G35 in...

  • Why are long-handled umbrellas so popular in Japan
    • September 24,2019.

    Think Japan is an island country, surrounded by the sea, typhoons and heavy rain this kind of weather is very much. Folding umbrellas are too soft for them to withstand strong winds for long periods o...

  • The different printing methods we used on umbrella
    • September 20,2019.

    Some of the printing methods we can supply are: Screen Printing A traditional printing method using Silk screens to print single colors at a time, multiple screens can be used to print multi-color up ...

  • Can a sun umbrella be used in rainy day?
    • September 9,2019.

    Can a sun umbrella be used in rainy days?         Summer is the most changing season, sometimes it’s so hot, sometimes it’s raining. My friends, many of them only have one umbrella...

  • Umbrella Is A Fashion Gift
    • September 9,2019.

    At present, the umbrella and parasol industry is blowing up a breeze, that is the “wind of fashion”. In our general concept, the purpose of the umbrella is to cover the rain, basically monochrome, and...

  • Advertising Umbrellas
    • August 26,2019.

    As a modern advertising carrier, advertising umbrella has great fluidity, bright colors and good visual effects, and its pattern design is not restricted. Gift advertising umbrella can be their own cr...

  • Umbrella - rechargeable, with fan
    • August 23,2019.

    Umbrella - rechargeable, with fan Frame:  Glass Fiber ribs and 16MM black metal shaft Handle: ABS Fabric: 190T pongee coated black Style: Straight umbrella Function: Sunshade and rainproof can be...

  • The Reverse Umbrella: Unique Product In Rain Protection
    • August 15,2019.

    The reverse umbrella is different from our traditional umbrella. 1.Its inverted design “collects” the water on the umbrella because it comes with the latest inverted design from inside to outside whic...

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