• The Reverse Umbrella: Unique Product In Rain Protection
    • August 15,2019.

    The reverse umbrella is different from our traditional umbrella. 1.Its inverted design “collects” the water on the umbrella because it comes with the latest inverted design from inside to outside whic...

  • Classification of Umbrellas
    • August 7,2019.

    Classification of Umbrellas 1. Transparent umbrella The transparent umbrella is a fashionable umbrella for women. It is suitable for rainy days with bad visibility. The fabric of transparent umbrella ...

  • Japan is the most favorite country in the world?
    • August 2,2019.

    It’s another annual rainy season. Every morning, I have to worry about taking an umbrella without an umbrella. A total of 3,600 people aged 20-70 were investigated recently and the results of the surv...

  • The Golf Umbrella
    • July 22,2019.

    We can often see it in golf clubs and car RACES. The biggest feature of this umbrella is its size, which can be said to be the largest umbrella that can be held in the hand. The normal size is between...

  • How to Choose a Good Anti-UV Parasols Umbrella
    • July 18,2019.

    Summer has already arrived. Walking on the road, you will see many people holding umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun. In this way, how to choose a good quality anti-uv umbrella is particular...

  • Monthly Dinner Party of Chengxin
    • July 12,2019.

    Yesterday, we Xiamen sales team, had our monthly dinner of July, a buffet carried on Baixiang Hotel Xiamen. There're so many delicious food, eapecially the sea food which were so fresh!!! It was a won...

  • Recommended of Umbrella with High Quality and Taste
    • July 5,2019.

    Recommended of umbrella with high quality and taste Umbrellas have a history of thousands of years in China, and it is often seen in movies that British gentlemen often bring umbrellas when they go ou...

  • How to Identify High Quality Parachutes
    • June 24,2019.

    How to Identify High Quality Parachutes 1. The main function of umbrella is to prevent ultraviolet rays, sunscreen and protect skin health. 2. UPF value UPF value is the value of ultraviolet protectio...

  • Men Should Have an Umbrella in Summer
    • June 10,2019.

    Recently,most of the country has ushered in the first hot summer day. In some areas,the temperature has directly exceeded 35 degrees,and it is almost 40 degree,the temperature in the future is hard to...

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