• A Short Umbrella Story Sharing
    • November 27,2019.

    A Short Umbrella Story Sharing   In 1747, a British businessman named Zunas traveled to China and found that the Chinese were walking in the rain with oil-paper umbrellas. After the rain stopped,...

  • Do you know the environmental umbrella?
    • November 22,2019.

    With the development of science and technology, industrial pollution, chemical smoke and other artificial pollution make the original blue crystal clear earth become worse and worse. We should cherish...

  • Reverse Umbrella
    • November 12,2019.

    Needless to say, we all know the pain of opening an umbrella in the wind and rain. When the wind blows, the whole umbrella surface will be blown over, which makes it hard to grasp. Sometimes, it even ...

  • The New Automatic Umbrella Is In Fashion Now
    • November 7,2019.

    The New Automatic Umbrella Is In Fashion Now A mini pocket umbrella makes it easy to carry around, and you'll never have to worry when it rains.The umbrella cloth is made of selected high-quality outs...

  • New arrival umbrellas
    • November 4,2019.

    We launched several designs in recently. Welcome to inquiry. There's are advantages as below, *Could be a well protection in sun or rain days. *Ergonomic handle for a comfortable, secure grip *Printed...

  • How to protect your umbrella?
    • October 24,2019.

    How to protect your umbrella?         Umbrella is necessary good in daily life, we often use it, and the correct use of the umbrella can extend its service life. Here is some pract...

  • Best Gift Umbrella--Bottle Wine Umbrella
    • October 18,2019.

    The wine bottle umbrella is a concept gift bottle umbrella, which looks like an umbrella with a lovely and beautiful wine bottle. That is not just a beautiful bottle, pulling out the upper end of the ...

    • October 9,2019.

    Welcome to the Canton Fair Company:Quanzhou Chengxin Umbrella Co.,Ltd. We are also going to the Canton Fair from Oct.23th to 27th,2019. Booth number:14.4 G35 in...

  • Why are long-handled umbrellas so popular in Japan
    • September 24,2019.

    Think Japan is an island country, surrounded by the sea, typhoons and heavy rain this kind of weather is very much. Folding umbrellas are too soft for them to withstand strong winds for long periods o...

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