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A Rolls-Royce umbrella is worth $100,000?Expert: cost price you can't imagine

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A Rolls-Royce umbrella is worth $100,000?Expert: cost price you can't imagine

  • May 27,2019.

Mentioned rolls Royce, believe a lot of people know, that was the mark of plutocracy.Rolls Royce car also did not live up to the view of masses to it, an umbrella that matchs on the car also sold high price, not look wrong it is an umbrella, to this a lot of people are curious, an umbrella value 100 thousand, how much is that cost?

First,Rolls-Royce's LOGO is on the surface of umbrella, a symbol of luxury .umbrella’s brand can buy on the market, but the original umbrella can not "reproduction", Rolls-Royce cars on this through a special custom, car door lock holes is also in order to drying umbrellas. This umbrella is made of alloy material, very strong, the canopy is not touch water fiber cloth. With unique making, at the bottom of the umbrella handle, engraved with the Rolls-Royce LOGO double R LOGO, show exalted status.

Rolls-Royce, the most main function of this umbrella is not rain-proof. When Rolls-Royce car is stationary, well-trained drivers will help passengers to open the door, and then conveniently take an umbrella to block in front of the door and perfectly protect the privacy of passengers. if the umbrella is wet by water, card slot have automatic drying function.To avoid rusting, corrosion problems such as car body, Such an expensive umbrella, how much is the cost?

It is reported, umbrella of rolls Royce is supplied directly by some manufacturer in Italy.The price of umbrella is 180 pound.According to the price that offered by 4S shop, the profit of that umbrella is fully 64 times.It is said that the umbrella was purchased by dealers from manufacturers for only about 1200 dollars, while the final price sold to consumers was surprising.

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